“Waterproofing since 2001″

NJ Samson offers comprehensive solutions for leaks
and waterproofing issues in commercial and residential properties.

We are called in daily to deal with calcium, membrane failure, pooling in the screed, leeching and damp, concrete cancer, failure of structural components and damage to amenities – even in new buildings.

Leaking balconies, leaking roof tops, leaking planter boxes, leaking showers and leaking stairs are just a few of the water related problems we deal with effectively and economically.

Protect your home with our industry leading membrane technology

As an official Australian installer for SealEco Membranes we can offer a 10 year warranty on new membranes, both internal and external areas. Top this off with our tiling service and see your property shine.

NJ Samson offers sound advice and professional waterproofing for our clients Australia wide.

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